Hey guys, GorillaSuitBubba here! I am new to the whole blog scene, so excuse me if my decorum isn’t quite up to snuff. Speakin’ of snuff… ah, that’s better! My fingers did always do the writin’ a bit better with some chaw in my craw. So, if ya can read, ya already know that I do my best thinkin’ when I’m slightly more, let’s say, hairy than usual. I possess a chimp mask and a (very) well worn gorilla suit, have a very twisted sense of humor, and enjoy creating humor and slight chaos in everyday life ta kinda shake people up a bit. I’m a fun loving guy who so happens to enjoy a bit of the liquor and rowdiness ever-present at most partying atmosphere type gatherings. I enjoy a good cigar every now and then and you don’t even want to see me when I don’t get my cigarette fix. I enjoy fine readin from time to time, but then again, who can’t appreciate a good comic book from time to time. I enjoy watchin b horror movies and talkin along. And I am both a good friend of Mitch Hyman, who makes an excellent comic series about a werewolf ( which you GOTTA pick up, by the way), and a conoissure of special fx. I’m GorillaSuitBubba, welcome to my twisted, crazy, and above all fun as heck world.


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